Easy PB & C Cookies

Easy PB & C Cookies

When I saw these cookies featured on Cup of Jo, my first thought was, “I have to make those gluten-free!”

Then I clicked on the link, scrolled down the page, salivated at the scrumptious-looking pictures, and started reading over the recipe.

It took me a minute to figure it out (somehow I missed the “gluten-free” right after the title), but these cookies are flourless! (read: naturally gluten-free). Thank you Averie for making my life so easy.

I think this is a great recipe for people who do not usually bake gluten-free or who are new to it, or someone who wants a quick gluten-free dessert with ingredients they already have in their kitchen. And people who like peanut butter.

Easy PB & C Cookies

Averie, from Averie Cooks, who developed the recipe, is a serious peanut butter lover. Just scroll through the selection of peanut-buttery desserts on her blog (seriously: do); it’s rumored she has a rotating number of roughly twenty jars of all different kinds of peanut butter in her pantry at all times. And though she has a wonderful tutorial on making your own homemade peanut butter, Averie suggests using store-bought for this recipe (her favorite is Peter Pan Honey Roasted).

My favorite commercial peanut butter, and the one I used for this go-round, is Skippy Natural Creamy. It only has a few ingredients and no hydrogenated oils. And it’s incredibly tasty (like eat out of the jar with a spoon tasty).

If the dough is not coming together, Averie says to add more peanut butter one tablespoon at a time. Since I live in a drier climate, I had to follow this step, and the cookies came out perfectly.

Easy PB & C Cookies

Recipe here. Enjoy these with a tall glass of milk.


2 thoughts on “Easy PB & C Cookies

  1. Thanks for finding me through Jo’s site and for making these and linking back to me! I appreciate it! And yes, flattening the balls a bit really is key because they stay domed. And also chilling it is a must as you know. If you use Skippy or Jif regular (not the natural, just the old-school stuff), you will have an easier time with the dough; it will be less oily and sloppy and runny b/c the non-natural types of PB have an easier consistency to work with…but looks like they turned out great for you regardless!

    • Averie, thanks for a great recipe! These cookies were so delicious, and I will definitely make them again. I’ve already sent the link on your blog to all my gf friends :) Finding this recipe through Joanna’s blog was the first exposure I’ve had to your blog, and I loved scrolling through your posts–you have so many delicious looking recipes I’m dying to try! (Especially those cinnamon rolls you just posted). I will definitely be a frequent visitor :)

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